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Hey There!

Allow me to introduce myself…  My name is Esme. And I’m so glad you stopped by! You’re here because you want to learn more about me, and I  appreciate that. So, where do I start? Like so many women, I wear many hats. I’m a mother and a working professional who writes in her spare time.

I’ll be blogging about things that made me who I am, stuff I care about and subjects related to my novels that I think my readers will be interested in. So make sure and subscribe to my blog, or newsletter or follow my socials to see the latest! You can also do all three. 🙂

I’m a southerner born and bred, originally from North Carolina. I founded Due South, an online southern lifestyle magazine in 2019. Take a look if you’re interested in southern food and drink, southern fiction and the cozy lifestyle.

When I’m not reading (one of my favorite things to do) or writing (also a favorite), I’m traveling or exercising or and exploring the worlds of craft beer, wine, and whiskey. I also love to learn about history, so you can often find me at museums or historical sites.

As I mentioned, I like to read and I read a lot! Currently, I’m into mysteries and science fiction, but I have my spells (no pun intended) when I read romance, women’s fiction, non-fiction, young adult and thrillers. I also have a special place for southern-set fiction (obviously 🙂 and magical realism. Discussing books is fun, and I’ll be writing about some of my favorite authors – stay tune

I don’t watch a lot of television – too busy – but when I need to veg out and decompress, I do tend to binge-watch television series (don’t we all), and I’ll be discussing some of my favorite shows on my blog, like Orphan Black, The Americans , Fringe and Eureka, just to name a few.

By the way, I married into a first-generation Polish family, which inspired my first fantasy cozy mystery series based on the Polish myth of the Mermaid of Warsaw,  so I’ll e blogging about some of my favorite elements of Polish history and culture.

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