Nine Ways To Use Lemongrass Essential Oil

by Esme Addison

One of my favorite forms of lemongrass is the essential oil.

Like lavender, I use this as a perfume. I don’t care if people ask me if I”m wearing natural bug repellent. lol I’m not. But it doesn kind of smell like it. Because lemongrass naturally repels lemongrass, making it a great perfume-slash-bug repellent in the summer.

I also rub it on my hair. What I don’t do is put it directly on my skin without a carrier oil. I learned the hard way that lemongrass EO is an irritant to skin without a barrier. Even with a barrier, I don’t put it on my face.

Like lavender, lemongrass is antibacterial and antifungal, making it a lovely ingredient to clean with. I always have lemongrass in my bathroom cabinet.

It probably sounds like I always have all the essential oils. I truly don’t. lol There’s only a handful I keep handy, like most people keep bandaids and cortisone cream. There are many other oils I only get as needed but lemongrass is not one of those.

Watch the video below to learn specific ways you can use lemongrass.

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