Four Cozy Mysteries Set On North Carolina Beaches

by Esme Addison

I write a cozy mystery set on the North Carolina beach, so…

Of course, I’m going to share other cozy mysteries with similar settings. I’m writing a book in this genre and with this genre because it’s also what I love. I’m happy that I can find four other cozy mystery series set in my beloved North Carolina.

I think North Carolina is a great state, and I’m proud to call it home. And I love the beach. I’ve spent the last year living in the area where my cozy mystery series is set. Fictionalized but generally the same area. And it’s been fun and given me so much more information and detail about really living at the beach in a small town in North Carolina.

At any rate, I’ve read all of these books and I wholeheartedly recommend them to you. But only if you enjoy mysteries (the cozier the better) in small towns… at the beach…. in North Carolina.

Watch the video! Then tell me in comments what you think of these books if you’ve read them. And if you haven’t – are you adding it to your TBR stack???

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