A Spell For Trouble Is Republished As A Mobile App!

by Esme Addison

Almost every author hopes their novel will be turned into a television show or movie. I’ve always wanted my Enchanted Bay Mystery series to be a video game! And I kind of got that. It’s not a video game you can play on, say a Play Station. It’s a mobile app version that you read by clicking on the screen as you read.

An immersive read with images and sounds. With a brand new cover that evokes the magic and witchiness of the story. And it released on Halloween! October 31, 2022 – suitable for all the witchy themes.

Like a graphic novel – all illustrations and text.

And it can be cozy. You snuggle into your favorite chair, wrap up with a cozy blanket, warm beverage (or wine) in one hand, phone in the other. And you start reading the book!

I love it. It’s fun. A brand new way to enjoy the story. Ideal for those who have read or listened to the book first, or those new to the series.

It’s been about 9 months in the making. Consulting with the Creator Tales team to get characters and setting just right.

I can’t wait to get feedback from some of my diehard fans who have read the book! I want to know their experience and how it (hopefully) adds to the enjoyment of the story.

Click on the image below to read the wonderful article Tales Creator wrote about the book-to-app adaptation + an interview with me.

To download the app, click this link to scan the app to your phone. Or go to your app store, search for Tales Creator and once it’s downloaded to your phone, search for A Spell For Trouble.

A Hex For Danger comes to the app next year!

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