• Three Ways To De-Stress And Relax Naturally

    by Esme Addison I work a lot. I have a day job. And then I write. And then I promote my work on social media. And with my website. I really enjoy taking pictures of food and books and other things for Instagram. And I also enjoy making instructional videos for Youtube (hopefully someone is… Read more

  • Nine Of The Best Essential Oils For Hair And Scalp

    by Esme Addison Essential oils are nature’s haircare. But you already knew that, right? Almost every issue you can have related to scalp care, hair growth, hair cleanliness and much more can be addressed by essential oils. For that reason, I lovelovelove dressing my hair with essential oils. The fact that my hair smells fabulously… Read more

  • Nine Ways To Use Lemongrass Essential Oil

    by Esme Addison One of my favorite forms of lemongrass is the essential oil. Like lavender, I use this as a perfume. I don’t care if people ask me if I”m wearing natural bug repellent. lol I’m not. But it doesn kind of smell like it. Because lemongrass naturally repels lemongrass, making it a great… Read more

  • Three Ways To Use Peppermint For Health And Healing

    by Esme Addison Did you think peppermint was just for candy canes? While it does taste good in candy and baked goods and is also delicious in tea, peppermint has historically been used as a medicine. For that reason, I always keep a bottle handy. Living at the beach, mosquito bites are plentiful during the… Read more

  • Five Ways To Use Lavender

    by Esme Addison I love lavender. It’s my favorite essential oil. Why is it my favorite? For one reason, it smells so good. It’s a wonderful, natural and therapeutic perfume. I rub it on my hair and face. Dab it on my neck and wrist, just so I can walk around smelling like a field… Read more

  • Diversify Your TBR Stack With Twelve Cozy Mysteries Written By African-American Authors

    by Esme Addison Have you ever wondered, where are all of the cozy mysteries written by African-American authors? Well, wonder no more. I’ve compiled a list of contemporary cozy mysteries written by authors (including myself) of African descent. My list includes an interesting group of sleuths in fun settings with challenging whodunnits! Also, don’t wait… Read more