• Five Paranormal Cozy Mysteries To Add Magic To Your Life

    by Esme Addison My cozy mystery series, the Enchanted Bay Mysteries has a little magic. There are women who are… let’s just say water witches. They have an interesting history, and the main character Alex Sobieski discovers her magical heritage along with the reader. I love magical realism. Fantasy. Paranormal elements. Sometimes there is overlap… Read more

  • Five Fantasy Young Adult Novels You Need To Read

    by Esme Addison As a reader, my interests are pretty diverse. But when it comes to young adult novels, I generally read fantasy only. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the gorgeous covers? Sometimes I want to write a YA fantasy just to get that pretty cover. I jest. (sort of) I’m a fantasy writer… Read more

  • Dyngus Day & Dragon Mythology In A Hex For Danger

    by Esme Addison When I visited Wavel Castle in Krakow, I was really taken with the dragon mythology associated with the area and castle. I knew when I heard about the Wavel Dragon that I would one day write about it. I didn’t think I’d add it to my Enchanted Bay Mystery series because mermaids… Read more

  • Paczki Day, Polish Food & Mythology In The Enchanted Bay Mystery Series

    by Esme Addison One of my favorite cozy mystery bloggers is Cozy Up With Kathy. She’s Polish-American and celebrates several Polish holidays. So of course we’re going to celebrate Pączki or Paczki day by discussing all of the great food in my series, the history of Packzi day and much more! Pączki in Poland In… Read more

  • My Polish Mother-In-Law Teaches You How To Say The Polish Words In My Novel

    by Esme Addison There are two questions I get asked the most about my series. One, where can I find recipes for the Polish food featured in the series. And how do you pronounce the Polish words written in the book? I’m still working on those recipes, though I do have a post about the… Read more

  • Love Essential Oils & Herbal Tea? Read These Four Novels

    by Esme Addison If you’re following my blog, you KNOW I love herbs and herbal remedies in all forms, especially essential oils and herbal tea. My reading interests aren’t much different. I enjoy reading books set in apothecaries or dealing with herbal tea (magical or otherwise). I also love reading books that deal with botany… Read more