Hello – I am back to teach my wildly popular class for a third time! How To Write A Cozy Mystery Class is accepting students for this fall 2023. If you’re on my waitlist, I will personally send you an invitation to register for class.

This class is an introduction to the cozy mystery genre. You may already be an accomplished writer who wants to pivot to a new genre, or maybe you have no idea what a cozy mystery is – wherever you are, this class meets you halfway as we explore all of the major elements of the genre.

Then we will explore how you will add them to your own cozy mystery idea. You may have a title, a character, a setting, or a full grasp of what you want to write.

In this class, you will workshop your idea in a fun, supportive environment. We will cover:

  • Cozy Mystery 101: What Is A Cozy Mystery? Analyzing the genre, Learning the important components of a cozy mystery, Exploring established tropes, new trends and ideas in the genre
  • Creating Your Hook: Hobbies and occupations in cozy mysteries + figure out the hook for your series
  • What’s In A Name? How to create those puntastic titles? And you’ll have a few ideas for your own first book
  • Coffee, Tea.. or Knitting? How to add cozy touches
  • Building Your Cozy World: How to create your small town and the people in it + you’ll create the foundation for your own series

II. Book Club: During the foundations of cozy mystery genre classes, we’ll be reading and dissecting three examples of great cozy mysteries

III. Building Your Mystery

  • Creating Your Protagonist: How to develop your amateur sleuth + you’ll create the main character of your own story –
  • How To Plot A Mystery – We’re learning the basics of mystery 101
  • Plotter Or Pantser: What’s the best way to get started? And you’ll create an outline for your first book
  • Whodunnit? How to create red herrings, suspicious suspects and plot twists
  • Critique Circle: You’re pitching and we’re critiquing your cozy mystery idea!

When you’ve completed this class, you will have a complete understanding of what the cozy mystery genre is, what should be included in a cozy mystery, and a fully-formed concept for your own cozy mystery.

This is not a writing class.

This is all about understanding the genre and creating your concept for a mystery with my workbook – a helpful tool you can keep and refer to as you begin writing your mystery.

Please note: You will need to purchase or borrow books (ebook, print, or audio) for class. A full list of books will be provided.

How To Write A Cozy Mystery is taught over 4 months and costs $700.00 Space is limited to provide the highest quality of instruction. The virtual class is held via Zoom beginning at 3 pm EST Sunday, Sept. 10 2023 through November 2023. Classes will be held on consecutive Sundays, not including holiday weekends.

At the end of class you’ll have:

  • A cozy mystery title for your book
  • A hook for your cozy mystery series
  • A cozy setting for your cozy mystery series
  • A character outline for your amateur sleuth
  • An outline for your cozy mystery

Three Reasons To Register

  1. This class series is online, so you can learn from the comfort of your home.
  2. All classes are recorded, so if you miss a class you can watch later.
  3. This class come with a dedicated Facebook group for further discussion, networking and support.

How To Write A Cozy Mystery is taught by Agatha-nominee for first best book and Crooked Lane author, Esme Addison, creator of the Enchanted Bay Mystery Series.

If you are too advanced for this class, consider registering for How To Write A Cozy Mystery II: Getting Ready For Querying! This online, 4-week class comes with a partial edit of your work, a revised query letter, and literary agent pitch list perfect for your work.

Payment Options

One payment – $700.00

Two payments – $350.00

Seven payments – $100.00

Have questions? Email me.