• Get To Know Mami Wata – An African Mermaid

    by Esme Addison Are you familiar with Mami Wata? She is infamously known throughout the African diaspora and she comes across my research often as I read about mermaid myths from Asian, European, African and other cultures. I write a mystery series about a woman who is genetically a mermaid. Meaning, she looks like a… Read more

  • Six Delicious Mermaid-Inspired Desserts To Make You Feel Like You’re Under The Sea

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  • A Spell For Trouble Is Republished As A Mobile App!

    by Esme Addison Almost every author hopes their novel will be turned into a television show or movie. I’ve always wanted my Enchanted Bay Mystery series to be a video game! And I kind of got that. It’s not a video game you can play on, say a Play Station. It’s a mobile app version… Read more

  • A Witches History In 6 Books & 2 TV Shows

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  • Szarlotka, Jabłecznik & Ryz Z Jablkami: Three Polish Apple Recipes

    by Esme Addison Nothing says fall like baking with apples. I love to bake pies in the American tradition during this season. But when it comes to apples, I can’t help but remember that according to a report by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2020, Poland is one of the top producers… Read more

  • Four Cozy Mysteries Set On North Carolina Beaches

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